Mambo Dance History

Mambo Dance History

Ignite the Dance Floor with the Fiery Moves of Mambo 💃🔥

Mambo is a Latin dance which begin in Cuba in the 1940’s to accompany a new type of music, also called Mambo. The name comes a 1938 hit song called “Mambo” by Orestes Lopez. The original form of Mambo dancing was characterized by freedom and intricate footwork.

Mambo was popularized by bandleader Pérez Prado in the 1940-50’s, and the dance gained quite a following in Cuba, Mexico, and New York. In the United States, the Mambo craze replaced Rumba as the most fashionable Latin dance of the day.

The original version of Mambo is quite different than Modern Mambo, also known as Salsa “on 2 “, which has a break step on the second beat. ✨

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