Line of Dance

Line of Dance

Let’s talk about the Line of Dance! 💡✨

Line of Dance is the counterclockwise flow of dancers around the ballroom.
Smooth dances (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, & Viennese Waltz) use Line of
Dance to travel around the floor. Think of Line of Dance as a one-way
street of sorts; having a set flow of traffic prevents collisions between
dancers 🔄

While the general progression is always counterclockwise – every step or
pattern doesn’t need to be exactly on the Line of Dance. Dancers may
travel across the Line of Dance, weave in and out, and even travel against
the Line of Dance for short periods.

In general, while dancing progressive dances you want to stay on the
perimeter of the room. Like a race track, the ballroom does have “lanes”
and so dancers who are progressing more should travel in the outside lane
and dancers progressing less should choose the inner lane. (And yes,
passing is permitted!) 🚗

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