Ballroom Dance Teacher Training

Become A Ballroom Dance Teacher!

Have you dreamed of becoming a dance teacher?

Have you been dancing ballroom as a student and now want to make dancing your career?

Have you started to teach but realize you didn’t get thorough training?

Are you an avid dancer who would enjoy teaching part time?

Do you have experience in another movement discipline (sports, ballet, yoga, ect) and would like to apply your skills in a new way?

Are you in a life transition and love the idea of working toward a new challenge?


✅ Our Teacher Training program will help you achieve your goals, even with no little or no prior dance experience!

✅ Revolution Ballroom Teachers University will give you all the tools necessary to be a successful ballroom dance instructor, regardless of your age or experience.

✅ You can succeed in our program with little or even no dance experience, and you can start at any age – all you need is a desire and commitment to learn.

Dance Teacher Training Beaufort

What You’ll Learn in our Teacher Training Program:

  • 16 dances of the Bronze American Syllabus for Smooth, Rhythm, and Night Club dances
  • Technical & musical elements of all the dances
  • How to dance and how to teach others to dance as both Leader & Follower
  • How to teach group classes and private lessons
  • Opportunities for applied training through assisting at dance classes, workshops, and events

Benefits Of Our Teacher Training Program

  • Unlimited free attendance to group classes at Revolution Ballroom (participating as Leader or Follower as needed)
  • Free attendance to dance parties at Revolution Ballroom
  • Salesfree Sales Training Course: You will receive ground-breaking sales training emphasizing the interpersonal skills necessary to create long term relationships with students. Salesfree Sales will transform the way you think about sales and the way you communicate with your students, colleagues, and employers.
  • Move Like a Champion® We have incorporated 64 exercises throughout our Bronze Teacher Training curriculum. Move Like a Champion® will enable you to teach the proper body mechanics necessary for your students to become excellent dancers.


A typical trainee spends 4 hours/week in teacher training class and then devotes additional hours outside of class for study, homework, and practice. The program is designed for working adults and is achievable for anyone who has the will and drive to become a dance teacher.

The entire program is 16 months. Our curriculum is divided into four sessions, and each session is four months. You may enroll at the start of any session.

  • Smooth:  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz
  • Rhythm I:  Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, Bolero
  • Rhythm II:  Mambo, Samba, West Coast Swing, Merengue
  • Nightclub:  Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Hustle


$750/month (4 month minimum)

Praise For Our Teacher Training Program

“The training I received from Marcia Mitchell, while enrolled in the Revolution Ballroom Teacher Training Program, greatly exceeded my expectations. It not only prepared me for a successful teaching career but also significantly improved my personal dancing skills. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in either becoming a dance instructor or taking their dancing to a more professional level.

The training I received at Revolution Ballroom enabled me to pass all of the national certification exams in both American Smooth and Rhythm with high honors. It was well worth the investment of time and energy to make the transition from student to teacher an effortless one.”  – Jesse

“I would absolutely recommend the teacher training program at Revolution Ballroom! The teacher certification program offered the flexibility I needed to complete the challenging program and exams while accommodating an equally demanding schedule. Marcia’s expertise and thorough training techniques effectively prepared me for the certification process. 

If you love dancing and have always wanted to expand your dance ability, I would definitely enroll in the Teacher Training Program at Revolution Ballroom.”  – Nicole

Why Learn to Dance at Revolution Ballroom

Our dance lessons will reduce your stress and add JOY to your life!

Connect with our happy dance community, gain confidence and feel at ease in social situations and have fun learning about different music & cultures.

Get started with a new student special today!