You’ve found the perfect person and you can’t wait to spend forever together. You’re planning a fabulous wedding to showcase your love – you’ve got the venue, the dress, the flowers – oh wait you’ve got to dance in the spotlight with everyone watching!

It can feel intimidating, scary, and exciting all at the same time. You’ve seen all the amazing wedding dances on YouTube – maybe you want to rock it, but maybe you just want something simple and easy that looks good, so you don’t have to sway back and forth like a middle school dance.

We can help! Hire a professional and take the stress out of preparing for your first dance.

Wedding Dance Lessons Beaufort

We’ve helped thousands of newbie dancers feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor and we can help you too.

We’ll create a custom first dane choreography that’s simple, elegant, and easy-to-learn but looks fun, exciting, and romantic. It’ll be tailored to your experience, your style, and will match the sentiments of your song.

We’ll match your unique vision for your song and what you want to express. Would you like:

  • A simple, easy, & elegant dance
  • A WOW routine that’s high energy and electric
  • A sexy, smoldering routine
  • A classic romantic slow dance
  • An emotional routine that makes everyone cry
  • A fun, upbeat dance that showcases your humor

The choice is yours! And we’ll make it easy and achievable to bring your unique vision to life.

We’re experts at making new and uncoordinated dancers look great on the dance floor. We’ll build a routine that showcases your love and allows you to be proud of your first dance.

Working with us is for you if:

  • You want a memorable wedding dance with minimal stress.
  • You’re willing to commit to at least three lessons in the studio to learn choreography.
  • You’ll make time to practice, or at least review videos of your choreography, in between lessons.

How To Get Started:

Purchase your wedding package and schedule your first lesson online. You can also call 843-338-2870 to purchase and schedule by phone.

Cost and What’s Included:

In order to provide the best experience and ensure you feel comfortable on the dance floor, we sell our wedding dance lessons in packages:

Each package includes:

  • Private wedding dance lessons, 50 minutes each session
  • Custom choreography tailored to your skill level and song
  • Video of the choreography taken after each session so you can practice at home

Wedding Packages

3 Lesson Wedding Package

Feel comfortable and ready for your first dance

This package is great for couples who want simple choreography so they can relax and enjoy the moment.


5 Lesson Wedding Package

Feel confident and ready to rock

This package is perfect for couples who want to add some extra flair to their routine or who’d like extra sessions in the studio to practice and prepare.

$1,200 (save $50)

10 Lesson Wedding Package

Feel super prepared and ready to WOW the crowd

This package is perfect for couples who want to amaze their guests and put on a show!

$2,400 (save $100)

Additional 50-minute sessions are $250 each, or you can purchase an additional package. We find most couples need 3-6 lessons for them to feel comfortable and ready for their first dance.

To get started, click here to schedule online or call 843-338-2870 to schedule by phone.

Have questions? Contact us at 843-338-2870 or We look forward to helping you enjoy the wedding dance of your dreams!


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