Kiania Lima

Belly Dance Instructor

Kiania Lima is an internationally recognized belly dancer with 24 years experience as a professional performer and teacher. She is known for her elegance and technical style. Kiania’s dancing career has led her to perform in Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, and the United States.  Kiania cultivated her skills and love for belly dance in São Paulo, Brazil as an integral part of the Khan el Khalili dance company. Her dance reflects an intimate and genuine connection with the music as well as a deep understanding of traditional techniques.  


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Associate of Electronic Engineering from the SENAI Technical College in São Paulo, Brazil and Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegal Studies from the Savannah Technical College. 24 years as a bellydancer and 8 years as a bellydance teacher.

How I got started dancing

I saw two girls Bellydancing on a TV show when I was 10. Next day at school, I went on a mission trying to find someone that could possibly know something about bellydance when I found out that one of my classmates was taking bellydance classes with her neighbor. She then introduced me to her teacher and I took my first bellydance class and the rest is history.

Why I love teaching dance

I believe that teaching is one of the greatest virtues in the world and dancing is the most powerful form of communication. I love helping my students discovering that their bodies can talk and realizing how much power they have within themselves. Moreover, the classes are filled with high energy which are fun, and gives me (and everybody) the opportunity to meet amazing people.

What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom

The Revolution Ballroom community is so kind and welcoming. The school is beautiful and organized. Marcia (the owner) is so professional and her superior technique as a ballroom teacher and dancer makes me have confidence that Revolution Ballroom is the right place for me to be.

What’s great about teaching belly dance

I believe that bellydance has the power to lift any person’s self esteem up. The movements, the songs and the costumes help these people to bloom into their inner selves and become more confident about themselves. I love watching the magic happen.

Other interests, hobbies, & passions

Traveling and learning new languages. And João, my little Yorkie. I’m crazy in love with him.

Most people are surprised to find out that

I moved to America by myself and learned English in 4 months.

Favorite treat

Coxinha. It is a very popular (and delicious) street food in Brazil…You should try.