Kay Owen

Belly Dance Instructor

Kay first studied Belly Dance in Memphis, Tennessee in 1972.  It began as a hobby that she enjoyed for stress relief as well a pleasant form of exercise.  Kay attended classes and workshops for many years and then began to dance professionally in Memphis area restaurants and at private parties.

Today, Kay continues her studies at belly dance workshops.  In fact, one of the things she enjoys most about Belly Dancing is that there is always more to learn.


My father was in the Air Force when I was a child so I moved quite a bit. I settled in Memphis, Tennessee as an adult and lived there until moving to Beaufort in 2004.

Education & Experience

My undergraduate degree was in Political Science. I graduated from Law School in 1975. I also studied foreign languages at the University of Memphis (Spanish, French & Russian).

How I got started dancing

A belly dancer from Chicago moved to Memphis in 1972 and tried to make a living as a teacher. I took lessons from her for several months, but she soon ended up moving back to Chicago. I knew belly dance would appeal to me, and it really did.

Why I love teaching dance

I love the camaraderie with my students. I have met so many nice women through my classes who I would never have known otherwise.

What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom

It is by far the best place I have ever taught because of the support of the owner and the facility itself. It is a welcoming oasis with tasteful decor and great mirrors, floors and sound system.

What’s great about the dance style I teach (Belly Dance)

Belly Dancing is ancient yet modern. It is based upon standard moves from the Middle East, but each dancer can add her own personality to the dance. I think it is the most feminine of dances and appeals to one’s sense of the exotic. Costumes and props (such as veils, swords, zills or canes) are fun to wear and add variety to the dance. And, of course, I love the music.

Other interests, hobbies, & passions

I enjoy cooking, painting, acting, animals & nature, languages, science, and travel. I am a Master Naturalist and a member of the Beaufort French Club.

Most people are surprised to find out that…actually, a couple of things.

If the person is not aware that I was a lawyer, they are surprised to find out the belly dance teacher was once a prosecutor. I also spent 15 years as a docent at the Memphis Zoo and people can be surprised when I start lecturing about wild animals.

Favorite treat

I could eat Mexican corn chips and cheese dip every day.