Connection with Partner

Connection with Partner

Connecting with your partner is what makes leading and following possible

Tips to enhance your connection:

  • Prepare your body for dancing. Energize your body and have a good
    frame and posture.
  • Pay attention. Give your partner all the focus – don’t look around the
    room or let your mind drift to your to do list.
  • Use your senses. Look and feel where your partner is and where
    they are going.
  • For leaders: After you initiate a movement notice – Did your partner
    receive that information? Are they going where you invited?
  • For followers: Match your partner’s energy. Are they giving you push
    energy or pull energy?
  • When you have misstep, take responsibility for your own dancing
    (don’t blame your partner or assume it’s their fault 😉).

Wishing you more juicy moments of connected bliss on the dance floor 💞

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