FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Learning to Dance - FAQ

Nope 🙂 Singles, as well as couples, are welcome and encouraged to join our group classes. We rotate partners throughout class so you’ll have so you’ll have ample opportunity to practice and dance whether you sign up by yourself or with a partner. Studies have shown that learning to dance with a variety of partners helps you learn 30% faster, and it’s more fun too!

Since levels vary widely by studio and region, we ask dancers who are new to our studio to take their first class at the Intro level (or take a private lesson if you prefer) so your teacher can assess your level and recommend the best placement for you. When you’re ready to move-up, just ask your teacher.

Yes you can! Our systematic, stair-step approach can transform even the most awkward beginners to accomplished dancers. We truly believe everyone can learn and enjoy dancing.

There are many benefits to learning to dance, and here are a few:

Reduce your stress and add ✨JOY✨ to your life!

The music, the smiling faces, two people moving as one – it transports you to another world:  a happy place where our cares melt away, we’re in the moment, we feel vibrant and alive. Many of of students say their dance classes are the highlight of their week, a great joy in their lives, and something they look forward to all day.

Gain confidence and feel more comfortable in social situations

Have you ever been at a wedding or party and everyone is out dancing and you’re on the sidelines? Are you naturally more reserved and would like to feel more at ease in social situations? Has someone ever told you that you’re a “bad dancer” or you feel awkward or embarrassed while dancing? Our studio is a safe and supportive space and we’ve transformed thousands of students from awkward newbies to successful dancers. Our students tell us that not only do they feel more comfortable on the dance floor, they feel more comfortable in life as well!

Connect with our happy dance community

Our studio is a special place filled with joyful people and positive energy. We’ll laugh as we learn and cheer each other along the way. You’ll always feel a part of our community.

Have fun learning about different music & cultures

One of the best things about dance is the music. You’ll get to enjoy classic standards from elegant eras of old and get to rock out to modern hits you hear on the radio.

Enjoy heart-healthy exercise and boost your brain by learning new skills

Did you know that studies have shown that dancing frequently reduces your risk of dementia by 76%! Learning new skills is key to keeping our mental acuity and dance has the added benefit of giving you a great cardio work-out that keeps your body strong and healthy.

Spark new passion in your relationship and enjoy an exciting date night out

We love dancing for couples – no matter how long you’ve been together we’ve found dance enhances connection, communication, desire, and intimacy. Plus it makes a great date night. We’ve even had students tell us dance has saved their marriage.

Overcome loss or adversity

We’ve many students start dancing after the loss of a spouse, a divorce, or other challenge. They’ve told us that dance helped them emerge from the pain. It gave them something new to focus on and helped bring joy back into their lives.

Improve your grace, posture, and coordination

Dancers look amazing just standing there. The way they walk and hold themselves – it looks confident, graceful, and powerful. And when you learn to move through the world as a dancer, you look strong, you feel strong, and you’re ready for anything that comes your way.

Reduce your stress and add ✨JOY✨ to your life!

Our lives are busy, stressful. We feel anxious and depressed at times. Add a dose of joy and sunshine to your day with dance. You’ll smile more, relax, breathe, and enjoy life.

Gain a new hobby you can use all over the world and enjoy for a lifetime.

Dance is a great transition for new retirees or for anyone looking for a new challenge. Dance is a universal language and once you learn to dance, you’ll always be able to hit the dance floor feeling ready and confident.

Studio Membership - FAQ

Click the “Sign Up” button, to sign up online and pay your first month’s membership via credit card. Your first month’s membership will be prorated if you sign up mid-month.

Membership will automatically renew each month, and your card will be charged on the first of the month. You may cancel anytime. We request 7 days notice for cancellations.

Our member classes don’t roll-over to the next month, but we do offer the flexibility to use your classes at any time during the month. For example, you can attend classes twice in one week to make-up for a missed class the previous week.

Also, our Studio Memberships are our best value and are priced with the knowledge that life happens, and you’ll miss a class here and there. So you’ll still save money with a studio membership even if you miss a week.

If you plan to move, please let us know as soon as possible. We can prorate your last month’s membership so you only pay for the weeks you’re still in town.

If you are injured, we can offer you a credit toward a future month’s membership. Please advise us of your injury as soon as possible, and we can credit your membership (in full week increments) from the time of notification.

If you will be out of town a week or more, please notify us the month before and we can prorate your membership in full week increments.

If you’ll be gone for a short time, we recommend that you keep your membership active and use your classes the week before or after your trip. Remember your membership is priced so that you save money even if you miss some classes.

If you’ll be away for an extended period, we can place your membership on hold for up to three months.

If you travel frequently, memberships may not be right for you. Our class passes or drop-in options are best if you travel regularly or if your work schedule varies.

We recommend new students begin with our “Get Started” new student special. You’ll save 50% off a one-month studio membership so you can try everything and see if our studio is the right fit for you.

Our studio memberships are our BEST VALUE, and the BEST WAY TO LEARN. With one set monthly price, you’ll get everything you need to succeed on the dance floor. We find that students learn best when their dance program includes a combination of private lessons, group classes, and dance parties.

Get Started includes:

  • 1 Welcome lesson
  • 4 Group classes
  • 1 Dance party

For singles

  • Get Started (single) – $97
  • ($210 value, you save $113)

For couples

  • Get Started (couple) – $147
  • ($315 value, you save $168)

Sign up now and Get Started today!

Not at all! We encourage you to explore and allow you to “mix and match” classes as much as you’d like. You can use your studio membership to attend any group class we offer, as long as you meet the prerequisites for the class.

Yes, you can add-on:

  • Unlimited group classes:  $45/month
  • Additional private lessons: $225 (a savings of $25 off our non-member rate)
  • Performance Team:  $85/month

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for Group Classes. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be deducted from your class pass or studio membership.

Membership fees cover a set number of group classes, private lessons, and dance parties per month.

Studio memberships do not include workshops, special events, showcases, and classes by guest instructors.

Group Classes - FAQ

Yes! You can drop-in to our group classes for $25 per person.

Or you can purchase a class pass:

  • 5 classes for $115 (save $10) or
  • 10 classes for $225 (save $25)
    Please note: class passes are valid for three months from date of purchase.

Please sign up online at least 24 hours in advance as class sizes are limited. You can sign up online or call us at 843-338-2870 to sign up by phone with your credit card.

If you decide to attend class at the last minute, please check the schedule online to ensure class hasn’t been cancelled and arrive 10 minutes early to complete your enrollment at the front desk.

Private Lessons - FAQ

Yes! Private Lessons are $250 per 50-minute lesson. Our private lesson rate is the same for an individual or one couple.

You can also purchase a package of Private Lessons:

  • 5 private lessons for $1,200 (save $50) or
  • 10 private lessons for $2,400 (save $100)
    Please note: private lesson packages are valid for three months from date of purchase.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for Private Lessons. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be charged as a full lesson.

We don’t offer refunds for gift certificates or for packages after first use. For example, if you buy a package of 5 private lessons, but only attend 2 lessons, we won’t issue a partial refund. We also don’t offer refunds if you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson.

We recommend starting with a new student special or purchasing a single lesson so you can try our studio and see it’s the right fit for you.

Studio Policies - FAQ

We do not offer refunds for gift certificates or for packages after first use. For example, if you buy a 5 class pass, but only attend 2 classes, we won’t issue a partial refund. We also don’t offer refunds if you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson, class, or party.

We recommend starting with a new student special or drop-in so you can try our classes and see if they’re right for you.