Private Lessons

Have you ever been at a social event and wish you had the courage to get out on the dance floor? Are you ready to add the ✨JOY✨ and excitement of dance to your life?

We’re patient, we’re fun, and we’ll guide you step-by-step and give you the tools you need to succeed on the dance floor. In fact, our students find that learning to dance is easier and way more fun than they thought possible. Take the first step, by signing up today and we’ll take it from there.

Private Dance Lessons Beaufort

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Enjoy a custom VIP experience focused on you and your goals.
  • Learn at your own pace in a private setting.
  • Each lesson is tailor made for you and your learning style.
  • By dancing with a professional, you get to experience how dancing should feel, which helps you learn faster. And since your teacher dances with you, they’ll be able to give you personalized feedback so you can take your dancing to the next level.
  • Build the right foundation right from the start! Students who only take group classes often develop bad habits that are harder to break later in their dance journey.
  • Schedule lessons at a time that suits your schedule.

Private lessons, group classes, and dance parties are designed to work together. You’ll learn best when your dance program includes all three essential elements.

    • Private lessons are the best way to learn to dance “the right way”. Your teacher will be able to guide you individually or as a couple, giving you helpful feedback and tips to make your dancing look and feel great! Many beginners feel most comfortable learning in a private setting too.
    • Group classes are essential to help you become a better leader or follower. In fact, studies have shown, you learn 30% faster when you practice with a variety of partners. And it’s fun too, we do call it “social dancing” for a reason!
    • Dance parties are a fun way to put it all together. It’s one thing to dance at a class or lesson, but will you be ready at an event when the music comes on and you’re not sure what to do? Our dance parties help build your confidence and skills in a safe and supportive setting, so when you DO go out dancing in public – you’re not only ready, you can’t wait to show off your new moves!
    • We recommend our “Get Started” Special – it includes all three essential elements (private lessons, group classes, and dance parties)
    • Just want private lessons – absolutely, simply choose our “Shall We Dance” New Student Special.

New Student Specials

Monthly Memberships

View our membership levels below and contact Marcia Mitchell, our Studio Owner, at 843-338-2870 if you’d like help selecting the right option for you. Or, if you want to get started right away, simply click your desired membership level below to sign up online.

  1. Simple Starter is for the beginner dancer wanting to explore the exciting world of ballroom.
  2. Social Starter is for the committed dancer who wants to improve their technique and lead/follow skills.
  3. Steady Stepper is for the dedicated dancer who is ready to take their skills to the next level.
  4. Spotlight Success is when you get serious about your dancing, or if you want to perform, compete, or prepare for a special event.
Social Starter
$267 / $357Monthly Price Single/Couple (25% off)
  • Includes:
  • 1 Private lesson
  • 4 Group classes
  • 1 Dance party
  • Plus all Studio Member benefits
Steady Stepper
$907 / $1,067Monthly Price Single/Couple (25% off)
  • Includes:
  • 4 Private lessons
  • 8 Group classes
  • 1 Dance party
  • Plus all Studio Member benefits
Spotlight Success
$1,497 / $1,707Monthly Price Single/Couple (35% off)
  • Includes:
  • 8 Private lessons
  • Unlimited Group classes
  • 1 Dance party
  • Plus all Studio Member benefits

Private Lessons

Private lessons prices are the same for an individual or couple.
Private lessons are 50 minutes and are scheduled by appointment Monday – Friday from 3-9 PM.

If you take one lesson per week, we recommend a 5 lesson package.
If you take two or more lessons per week, we recommend a 10 lesson package.

1 Private Lesson
  • 1 Private Lesson
  • Most flexible
10 Private Lessons
$2,400(you save $100)
  • 10 Private Lessons
  • Valid for 3 months