Belly Dance

Enjoy some healthy exercise, express your sensuality, and connect with a supportive group of women. Our studio is a warm and welcoming space for you to learn the beautiful art of Belly Dance.  Belly Dance is open to all levels of dancers, including absolute beginners.

Belly Dance Classes Beaufort

Belly Dance

Monday at 6 PM

Enjoy class with Kiania Lima, an internationally recognized belly dancer with 24 years experience as a professional performer and teacher. She is known for her elegance and technical style. Kiania’s dancing career has led her to perform in Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai, and the United States.  Kiania cultivated her skills and love for belly dance in São Paulo, Brazil as an integral part of the Khan el Khalili dance company. Her dance reflects an intimate and genuine connection with the music as well as a deep understanding of traditional techniques.

Belly Dance (Traditional Egyptian)

Thursday at 6 PM

Unleash your creativity with the beautiful art of Belly Dance.  This class begins with a warm-up, instruction on basic movements, and then progresses to dancing to music!

About the history of Belly Dance:

Belly Dancing is a folk dance from the Middle East that has become stylized over the centuries. Belly Dancers use every part of her body – perhaps the hips most of all. This dance is characterized by precise and isolated movements while keeping the rest of the body still and under control. Belly Dancing is known for its fluid, graceful, and feminine movements; colorful costumes add to the mystique. Some dancers choose to expose their midriff while performing, but this is completely optional, and women of all shapes and sizes can learn to be exquisite dancers. An interesting note is that this dance, believe it or not, is traditionally performed most often for other women, and is a fun female bonding experience.

  • 1 Group class
5 Class Pass
$90(you save $10)
  • 5 Group classes
  • (valid for 3 months)
10 Class Pass
$125(you save $25)
  • 10 Group classes
  • (valid for 3 months)