Dude Friendly

Dude Friendly 🤠

This blog post is inspired by a message I got from one of our guy dancers over the holidays:

“Thank you for being such an awesome dance teacher! It’s a scary environment for dudes like me and you make it fun.” – Doug

I want to acknowledge that for many people, it IS scary to step into a ballroom studio. That’s super normal, and I’d love to encourage you to give dance a try. Learning to ballroom dance is more like to learning to play a sport than you might think…

And our studio particularly is “dude friendly” 🤠 We help you feel comfortable and actually have fun while you learn something that you might never have thought you could do – ballroom dance 🕺

And once you learn to dance, opportunities and doors will open to you. You can go out social dancing, you can ask someone to dance with confidence, you can be smooth on the floor at your next wedding or party. You can even perform or compete 🏆

Guys, we’re like a sports bar – but without the TVs. Or alcohol. Or chicken wings. Well, sometimes we have chicken wings but it’s more like a special occasion type thing.

Here’s a handy chart to help:

❌ We don’t make you feel dumb.
✅ We have a comfortable, supportive, & friendly atmosphere.

❌ You don’t have to you know what you’re doing, be musical, or be coordinated in any way.
✅ We teach you exactly what to do step-by-step.

❌ Our students aren’t going to laugh at you or be annoyed to dance with you (even if you step on their toes 🙂
✅ Our students will smile, be patient, and have a good time dancing with you. We’re all here to learn!

❌ It’s not awkward to come by yourself.
✅ Ladies love guys who learn to dance (pretty much a scientifically-proven fact 🤓)

“I had a bad experience years ago and thought I could never learn. Marcia is amazing. Her positivity, excitement and laugh are very motivational. She meets you where you are so you never feel stupid, but can and will push you beyond what you think you can do.”- Zach

“I was more afraid of trying dancing than I was of jumping out of an airplane or driving a race car. But it has become a great love of my life.”
– George

“With time dancing does get easier.”
– Andy

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