Do I need to know any special ballroom etiquette?

Good question!  Good etiquette and common courtesy ensures that everyone has an enjoyable experience.
Tip #1 – Be Clean

Since you will be dancing with others, good hygiene and proper grooming is a must.  Before the event shower, brush your teeth, put on clean clothes, and apply deodorant.  Avoid strong smelling foods such as garlic, and use mints and/or mouthwash to freshen your breath throughout the party.

Tip #2 – Be Kind

Introduce yourself to each person before dancing.  Thank each partner after you dance.  Refrain from correcting, criticizing, attempting to help, “teach”, or show something new to your partner.  While often well-intentioned, trying to help/teach/correct another student is often offensive, intimidating, and/or irritating to that person.  Adhere to the principal “no teaching on the social dance floor” and others will enjoy dancing with you.  It is best to accept your partner as they are, whatever their level or experience, and enjoy your dance together at this moment.

Tip #3 – Be Social

Ask a variety of partners to dance, and graciously accept invitations to dance when asked.  If you must decline, do so politely, then be sure to sit out that particular song.  Welcome new dancers and visitors to the studio by asking them to dance, introducing them to others, and helping make them feel at home in our dance community.


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