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img_3418_2Become A Dance Teacher!

Have you dreamed of becoming a dance teacher?  Have you been dancing ballroom as a student and now want to make dancing your career?  Have you started to teach but realize you did not get thorough training?  Are you an avid dancer who loves the idea of improving by learning both Leader’s and Follower’s parts?  Our Teacher Training program will help you achieve your goals, even with no prior dance experience!

This American Style Bronze Teacher Training curriculum is divided into 4 separate courses, taking you through the entire DVIDA® (Dance Vision International Dance Association) Bronze American Style syllabus for the Smooth, Rhythm, and Nightclub dances.

Here is a list of some of the material you’ll learn:

  • The 17 dances of the DVIDA Bronze American Syllabus for
 Smooth, Rhythm, and Night Club dances, and how to teach them
  • To dance as both Leader and Follower
  • Technical elements of all the dances
  • Musical elements of all the dances
  • How to teach private & group lessons
  • How to prepare for DVIDA® certification
  • Salesfree Sales Training Course
  • Move Like a Champion®


You have two options to complete your training.  You may complete your training in a group class format or in a private lesson format:

Group Class Format

The Group Class American Style Bronze teacher training program is ongoing, with new sessions starting every four months. In each course you will learn four (five in the Nightclub quarter) dances. You may start with any course and take them in any order.  New sessions begin in September, January, and May.

Each session is an independent program, and not a prerequisite for any other. Tuition is charged monthly for each session. You will receive a certificate acknowledging your achievement when you complete each course.  You will receive a diploma from Revolution Ballroom when you complete all four courses!

More Information And Register Online

Private Lesson Format

The Private Lesson American Style Bronze teacher training program is completely customized for you.  Schedule lessons at your convenience, and complete training at your pace.  With private lessons, the entire teacher training course may be completed in as little as four months to as leisurely as several years.  Our private lesson Teacher Training program is completely customized for your needs.  Please contact Marcia at 843.338.2870 for details.  We will answer your questions, develop a plan based on your goals, and get you registered!

Benefits Of Our Teacher Training Program

  • Unlimited free attendance to group classes at Revolution Ballroom (participating as Leader or Follower as needed)
  • Free attendance to dance parties at Revolution Ballroom
  • Free practice time at Revolution Ballroom
  • Salesfree Sales Training Course: You will receive ground-breaking sales training emphasizing the interpersonal skills necessary to create long term relationships with students. Salesfree Sales will transform the way you think about sales and the way you communicate with your students, colleagues, and employers.
  • Move Like a Champion® We have incorporated 64 exercises throughout our Bronze Teacher Training curriculum. Move Like a Champion® will enable you to teach the proper body mechanics necessary for your students to become excellent dancers.

Group Class Options

apple dictionary16-Month Track

You will learn how to teach four dances (five in the Nightclub quarter) in each course. Classes meet twice per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5:00 – 7:00pm. This track is great for students who are working by day and pursuing their dreams of becoming a professional ballroom dance instructor by night!

Tuition per session: $495/month or $1,860 in advance (save $120!)

8-Month Track

This option is ideal for prospective teachers who are ready for complete immersion in the world of ballroom dance, and would like to complete the program in this time frame. For this track, you will attend the group classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings along with two weekly, private lessons. This is a terrific way to accelerate the learning process—what you learn in one course will help to make you a better dancer in the other course.

  • Tuition: Please call 843.338.2870 for details.

4-Month Track

This super-accelerated track is ideal for teacher trainees from out of town or those who want to devote themselves completely to their dance teacher training. In the four-month track, you will attend the group classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and then cover the remaining courses in private lessons with our master teacher. We will coordinate your entire program to work with both yours and the Master Teacher’s schedules.

  • Prerequisite for the 4-month track:  At least 1 year of ballroom dance training.
  • Tuition: Please call 843.338.2870 for details.

Please Note: Class size is limited, so we recommend that you register early to reserve your space.

Private Lesson Format

img_8387This Program Is Ideal If You:

  • Want to complete your training faster than 16 months or if your schedule is not compatible with the group class training
  • Live outside the local area and cannot move here to take the 16-month group class training
  • Are interested in training in just one or two specific dances
  • Prefer individual instruction

Benefits of the Private Lesson Training Format

  • Start anytime and begin with the quarter (or dance) of your choice
  • Take lessons on days and times that are best for you
  • Complete the training on your timeline—from as little as 4 months to a leisurely few years
  • Develop your technique and styling with the focused, one-on-one attention from the Master Teacher.

Our private lesson Teacher Training program is completely customized for your needs.  Please contact Marcia at 843.338.2870 for details.  We will answer your questions, develop a plan based on your goals, and get you registered!

Praise For Our Teacher Training Program

“The training I received from Marcia Mitchell, while enrolled in the Revolution Ballroom Teacher Training Program, greatly exceeded my expectations. It not only prepared me for a successful teaching career but also significantly improved my personal dancing skills. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in either becoming a dance instructor or taking their dancing to a more professional level.

For many years I was interested in becoming a dance instructor but my fear of not knowing the proper technique and different styles held me back from pursuing this goal. I was not aware such detailed teacher training programs existed until I began taking lessons at Revolution Ballroom. After hearing of the professional level program offered, I knew this would give me the skill set to finally make my goal of becoming a dance instructor possible.

The Revolution Ballroom teacher training program covered all the aspects of ballroom dancing including the history, the proper techniques, teaching methods, and all the information I would need to help students become the best dancers they can be. The training I received at Revolution Ballroom enabled me to pass all of the national certification exams in both American Smooth and Rhythm with high honors.Now as an instructor, I can confidently face the challenges a ballroom instructor encounters. It was well worth the investment of time and energy to bring my goal to fruition and make the transition from student to teacher an effortless one.”

Jesse Woods
Certified Dance Instructor

img_9681Don’t put off your dreams any longer.  Call us today and get started! 843-338-2870


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