When should we begin lessons to prepare for our wedding?

img_9884Great question!  The sooner you begin dance lessons, the more comfortable you’ll feel dancing, and the more impressive your dancing will be on your wedding day.  To plan your timeline we suggest that you take one lesson per week prior to your wedding, then add one or two weeks for flexibility.  You’ll get increasingly busy as your wedding day approaches so it’s nice to have extra time built in should you need to skip a week.  Also, some couple find that they would like to schedule one or two extra lessons to feel better prepared for their time in the spotlight.  So, for example, if you and your fiancé choose our “Forever” Wedding Package you’ll have five weeks of lessons.  Adding one to two weeks for flexibility means you should begin lessons six or seven weeks prior to your wedding.
We’ve found that this timeline suits the needs of most couples if their goal is learn to dance to strictly for their wedding dance.  But if you’ve always wanted to learn to dance, would like to learn dances for other occasions, or are looking for a fun hobby to share with your future spouse, it is very helpful to begin private lessons or group classes six months to one year in advance.  The skills and confidence you’ll gain will greatly assist you as you prepare for your wedding dance, and you’ll be able to enjoy dancing with your sweetheart at parties, events, and of course weddings!
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