What to Wear to Dance Class

What to Wear to Dance Class 👗👔

Wondering what to wear to dance class?  Practice wear is the simple solution to look and feel great while dancing

While you can always come as you are to class, clothing that is designed for dance will elevate your look and performance.

Practice wear differs from costumes in that pieces are usually not embellished with rhinestones. This makes practice wear more affordable than costumes and easier to launder.

Benefits of Practice Wear 🌟

  • Wicking materials keep you cool
  • Flowy fabrics enhance your movement
  • Provides total freedom and mobility
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stylish eye catching looks
  • Easy to wash

Shop practice wear at our studio Dance Boutique

Revolution Ballroom
2121 Boundary St.
Suite 207
Beaufort, SC 29902

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