What to Wear for Rhythm Competitions

What to Wear for Rhythm Competitions

Diving into the exhilarating world of dance competitions and wondering what to wear? 🤔 Step into the spotlight with costumes designed for the dynamic moves of Rhythm dances 🔥🎶

The right attire amps up your actions and electrifies your expression. With the right costume you’ll not only look great but feel fantastic so you can dance even better 🏆

What to Wear for Rhythm Competitions

💃 Dresses are similar in style to a cocktail dress. Length is short (knee length or above). Choose elements that add movement to accentuate your body action – think fringe, ruffles, tassels, or feathers.

Bring on the bling – choose high quality rhinestones to shine on the dance floor. Your costumes can be as revealing or concealing as you wish – long sleeve or sleeveless, body cutouts, or high slits.

🕺 Wear black dance pants with flow and movement to accentuate your body action. Although black is classic, you can choose a pant color to match your partner’s costume (red, pink, white, blue ect).

Choose a Performance Latin dance shirt (black, white, tan or any color that matches your partner’s costume). Typically this is a fitted shirt with an open neckline (deep V-neck or an unbuttoned tuxedo shirt. Most fitted latin dance shirts have built in trunks so your shirt stays in play during dynamic dancing. Alternatively you may choose a looser tunic style Latin dance shirt that is untucked.

Bring on the bling – Latin dance shirts often have rhinestone embellishments so you shine in the spotlight. Also mesh and lace is often used to showcase the body.

Step into the competitive arena with style that showcases your skills and passion for Rhythm dancing 😎

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