What Should I Expect In Teacher Training?

Class Times

Classes meet Tuesdays & Thursdays, from 5-7 PM at Revolution Ballroom.


The Teacher Training program provides a professional level of instruction, and we cover a lot of material at a fairly fast pace. Missing any class is not advised, as you can easily fall behind. If you do have to miss a class, you may arrange to work with another students to help you catch up. You may also schedule private lessons with one of the faculty members (for an additional private lesson fee) to make up any work you miss.

Dancing Both Roles

In order to teach a specific dance or figure, you need to be able to articulate and demonstrate both the Leader’s and Follower’s part. We spend equal time in class working on both parts, and every trainee is expected to dance with every other trainee as both Leader and Follower, regardless of gender. This is standard practice for professional dance instruction.


Because this is a teaching class, there is a strong emphasis on presentation. You will be expected to present material to the class on a regular basis. For example, you may be asked to demonstrate a figure or to present a brief history of a specific dance. Don’t worry, we hand out assignments in advance, so you will have plenty of time to prepare!

Exams and Written Tests

There are four exams per session (five in the Nightclub session). The purpose of the exams is to strengthen your familiarity with the syllabus, to increase your comfort speaking figures’ technical information (which will be necessary when you teach), and to give you an opportunity to show off your ability to dance the figures together in a routine to music.
Scheduled during regular class times, each exam has two components: a dance demonstration and an oral presentation of technical information. No need to stress—we pre-assign both the dance demonstration and the oral questions you will be asked, so you will be able to practice and prepare.
There is also one take-home written test for each dance taught during the quarter. The purpose of these tests is to help you solidify what you have learned and to think like a dance teacher. You may research answers from your class notes, other course materials, online, or any other resource you’d like!

Study and Practice

Becoming a dance teacher takes dedication and practice. Each program meets a total of 4 hours a week.  Most students spend quite a bit of time every week studying the material and practicing what they have learned. Though the amount of outside time varies greatly from student to student, please expect to commit 1 hour of study time for every hour you spend in class—about four hours per week.

Dress Code

You are a dance teacher in training, so it’s never too early to start looking the part. Ballroom dance is an elegant pursuit that requires professionalism and poise.
Please dress nicely for class, and dress up for exams. Your attire should be clean, flattering, and professional.  Please do not wear jeans, t-shirts or sloppy clothing.


Required Materials

  • DVIDA® manual for the dances taught (i.e., for the Smooth session, you will need the DVIDA® Bronze Smooth manual). Manuals are available online at DanceVision.com or by calling 800.851.2813.
  • Teach Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide for Ballroom Dance Instructor by Diane Jarmolow.  Available here.

Recommended Materials

  • DVIDA® DVDs for the dances taught are recommended, but optional. Available at DanceVision.com or by calling 800.851.2813.


All students will be expected to have proper dance shoes by the second class meeting. This is not an arbitrary aesthetic or fashion consideration. To teach dance, you need the “right tool for the job,” and proper dance shoes are literally the foundation for your dancing!
There are different styles of dance shoes for different styles of dancing, but most Revolution Ballroom students wear a basic “practice shoe,” a practical and durable suede-soled dancing shoe that is made to be comfortable and wearable for long periods. Some students wear flashier shoes or high heeled dance shoes, but this is a matter of personal comfort.
You can purchase dance shoes from any dance shoe retailer or from our studio.  At Revolution Ballroom we offer a 10% discount to our teacher trainees. Just call 843.338.2870.

Let us help make your dance dreams come true!  Call us today at 843-338-2870 to get started.

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