What should I wear? Do I need special dance shoes?

Recommended Attire:

Ballroom group classes and private lessons:  casual
Dance parties:  dressy
Special holiday parties & events:  festive/semi-formal
Line dance:  fitness attire or casual
Belly dance:  fitness attire, form fitted clothing is recommended along with a hip scarf

Ballroom Dance Shoes:

If you don’t have ballroom shoes, wear comfortable shoes with a leather sole.  To ensure your shoes stay in place while dancing, we recommend shoes that lace-up or have an ankle strap.  High heels are not recommended as they may damage our floor.  (Ballroom dance heels are fine).  If you plan to dance regularly we recommend that you invest in proper dance shoes; they do make a difference, even for beginning dancers.  Ballroom dance shoes have flexible suede soles that make it easier to move and turn and they are remarkable more comfortable than dancing in street shoes.  Dance shoes also protect your partner.
Dance shoes are not required for Intro To Social Dance, Intro To Salsa & Bachata, or Shall We Dance.  If you continue dancing via group classes (FUNdamentals) or private lessons, ballroom dance shoes are required.
Before you purchase shoes please consult our Guide To Buying Dance Shoes
If you’d like assistance, please contact us at 843.338.2870 to schedule your dance shoe consultation.  Dance shoes come in all styles, from a flashy latin heel, to a sturdy, comfortable practice shoe, and everything in between.  We can help select the best shoe for you from our vendor, Showtime Dance Shoes

You don’t need any special equipment to start.  Jump in and let’s dance!  Join us today.

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