What Shoes to Wear for Social Dancing

What Shoes to Wear for Social Dancing

Stepping out for a night of social dancing? 💃🕺 A social dance shoe is a great “starter shoe” that’s versatile for any style of dance. When you’re just getting started, you may not want to invest in multiple pairs of speciality dance shoes (Smooth shoes, Rhythm shoes, Tango shoes, ect). You really just need one pair of suede soled dance shoes to get you moving.

That’s where social dance shoes come in – one and done and you’re on your way! Proper dance shoes really do make a difference; it’s easier and more comfortable to wear shoes designed for dance.


  • Suede Sole vs Leather Sole:  Opt for dance shoes with SUEDE SOLES which are designed for ballroom dance floors. Suede soles allow you to turn with ease while maintaining control on the dance floor. If you’ll be dancing at an outdoor venue, choose a dance shoe that has leather soles (sometimes called “street soled dance shoes”).
  • Style:  Social dance shoes styles include open toed sandals, closed toe heels, flats, dance sneakers, and lace-up dress shoe styles. These shoes may be listed online as:  Social Dance Shoes, Latin Dance Shoes, Smooth/Ballroom Dance Shoes, Practice Shoes, or Salsa Shoes.
  • Heel Height:  If you prefer heels over flats, choose a heel height that you’re comfortable with, typically between 2 to 3 inches. Flat dance shoes and practice styles may have a 1/2 inch to a 1.5 inch cuban heel.
  • Straps & Secure Fit:  Look for dance shoes that lace up or have ankle straps, T-straps, or cross straps to ensure they stay securely on your feet while dancing.
  • Color & Pattern:  Unless you’ll be competing or performing, you may choose any color dance shoe you enjoy. Flesh toned styles are versatile if you wear skirts and dresses. Black is classic if you wear pants. And if you want to express your personal style, choose social dance shoes in your favorite colors and patterns.

Whether you’re dancing the night away in a lively Salsa or gliding through a romantic Waltz, social dance shoes will elevate your experience. Prioritize comfort, support, and style to ensure you make the most of every step. Happy dancing! 💫✨

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