What Costumes to Wear for Smooth Dances

What Costumes to Wear for Smooth Dances

Stepping on stage for a performance or showcase featuring Smooth dances? 🎩💃 Whether you’re gliding through a Waltz, swaying in a Foxtrot, or embracing the passion of Tango, your attire should match the style of the dance, the sentiments of your song, and the theme of your routine.

Here’s your essential guide to dressing for a performance or showcase featuring smooth dances:


Pro Tip:

Choose clothing designed for ballroom dancing – it makes all the difference!

🌟 Dresses 🌟

  • Ballroom Dress or Skirt – Choose a long gown or skirt to accentuates your movements as you flow around the floor. Ensure your costume is ankle length (rather than floor-length) to avoid tripping over your dress as you dance.
  • Sleeves & Necklines – You have lots of options so choose a sleeve length and neckline that flatters you. Ensure your dress stays in place while dancing and avoid strapless gowns.
  • Color – Pick a color that pops on stage. If you choose black, ensure the gown is heavily embellished so that you shine on stage and look distinct from your partner.

🌟 Suits 🌟

  • Suit or Tuxedo:  Make a statement in a well-fitted suit or tuxedo in classic colors like black, charcoal gray, or navy. Pick a jacket designed for dance as they provide ease of movement, are lightweight, and are fitted to prevent the appearance of lifted shoulders in closed position. Choose dance pants which provide freedom of movement, look polished, and enhance your dancing.
  • Dress Shirt and Tie:  Pair your suit with a crisp smooth dance shirt in white or black. Select a tie or bow tie in black or a color that matches your partner’s dress. Ties may have rhinestones to add extra flair to your look.
  • Vest:  Choose a smooth dance vest in lieu of a jacket for a more casual look.

Whether you’re performing a captivating Viennese Waltz or a suave Foxtrot, dressing the part enhances your presence on stage and complements the elegance of smooth dances. With attention to detail and a touch of glamour, you’ll captivate the audience and leave a lasting impression with your flair and unique style. ✨🎩👗

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