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First of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  Dance lessons will help you both feel comfortable and confident so you can enjoy a special first dance together.  To make things easy for our brides and grooms, we offer three wedding dance programs.  So you may choose the one that suits your desires, your timeline, and of course your budget.

  • Our smallest package is “Get Me To The Church On Time” ($270) which includes three private lessons.  This is plenty of time to learn a few basic steps and is perfect for couples who want to keep things simple and classic.  This is also a great option for couples with limited time to prepare for their wedding dance.
  • Our mid-sized package is “Forever” ($435).  This is our most popular program and includes five private lessons.  With this package you’ll learn the basics of course, and then we’ll add a few fun figures that are sure to wow your guests.  This option allows you additional time to practice and feel more comfortable dancing with your partner.  You may also choose to learn the basics of another dance so you can spend more time enjoying dancing at your reception.
  • Our largest package is “Fairytale Romance” ($850).  With this program you’ll receive ten private dance lessons.  This is a wonderful choice for couples who want to do something unique and special with their first dance.  With this program you’ll learn many feature figures that will make your first dance truly spectacular and a highlight of the evening!  You may also choose to learn a few steps for additional dances so you can dance the night away and enjoy your wedding.

To sign up, simply purchase your package online then contact us at 843-338-2870 to schedule your first lesson.
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