Team Hard Hearted Hannah Wins "Most Entertaining" At Dancing Stars Of Coast Georgia

Revolution Ballroom instructor Marcia Mitchell performed with Star Dancer Wes Bonner and special guest Catherine Grant at the 2017 Dancing Stars Of Coastal Georgia. Wes wanted to honor the memory of his beloved mother, Nancy Hillis, a singer and Savannah icon by dancing to her theme song “Hard Hearted Hannah”. The team performed a
spectacular tribute by performing to the last live recording Wes’s mom made of her singing her theme song.
For their efforts Team Hard Hearted Hannah was honored to win “Most Entertaining”, and of course the big winner was the Alzheimers Association which raised over $350,000 at this event to help local area families! Congratulations Wes, Marcia, & Catherine and to all the professionals and stars who participated.

“I had the most fun ever; Wes & Catherine, you are
beautiful people inside and out, and I loved getting to know both of you! Wes, thank you so much for entrusting me with this very special mission to create a beautiful tribute to your beloved mother. I know she felt your love. I am so very proud of you and your performance last night. It took some serious confidence to perform that routine, and you rocked it like only the son of Nancy Hillis could do!” – Marcia Mitchell
“Took home “Most Entertaining” last night which was our goal from the beginning. My mom would have aspired for that honor as well! Thank you to everyone that has voted and supported us and this great charity for the entire experience.” – Wes Bonner
“I am SO incredibly proud of you, Wes Bonner!!! You killed it! Marcia Mitchell, what a great job
choreographing and teaching such a special dance in honor of Wes’ Mother, the one and only Nancy Hillis! What a FUN time- it was truly an honor to be part of this dancing trio- thank you guys!!! We took home “Most Entertaining” AND, the entire group blew away the 2017 goal of $265k and hit $350,000 last night for Alzheimers!!! BOOM!” – Catherine Grant


Enjoy this video of Team Hard Hearted Hannah’s performance!

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