Team Dancing Dragons Races At Water Festival

This year our studio was once again a diamond sponsor of the fun and exciting DragonBoat Race Day held during the Annual Beaufort Water Festival.  The proceeds from this fundraising effort fuel DragonBoat Beaufort’s two-pronged mission. The first is to fund the ongoing activities of DragonBoat Beaufort’s cancer survivor teams; the second is to continue to strengthen our outreach programs of cancer-survivor-focused grants, support and counseling.

Not only did our studio sponsor this event, but we fielded a team as well.  Team Dancing Dragons paddled our hearts out and even won our first race.  Our disco-themed costumes were a huge hit as well!  Thank you to our generous team sponsor for making this day possible.  Much thanks to our team Captain Renee Britt, Earl White & Heather Burt, our disco diva drummer Sarah Hyle, team photographer Chip Hyle, and my parents Grant & Nadine Sandrew.  We could not have done it without you! Thanks also to our rockin’ team of paddlers.  I was honored to be a Dancing Dragon with you.  We are looking forward to another fun race day next year!

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