Let’s talk about Musicality💡🎶

When we dance, we seek to express the essence of the music through our movements. These are the most common musical counts we use in dance:

Slow = 2 beats of music
Quick = 1 beat of music
& = 1/2 beat of music

Contrast between tempos makes dancing interesting. So take time with your slows and make your quicks sharp.

Since a Slow count is two beats of music, use the entire two beats to express the music (for example, make a really juicy hip roll in Rumba). A common mistake is to rush your foot to take the next step, particularly if the next step is a quick.

The “&” count is a half beat of music. The & count “steals” time from the previous count. So whatever count comes before the “&” is a half beat less than usual. A common mistake is to keep going fast after the “&” count, even if the next step is a full beat (for example during the chasse in Cha Cha).

Let your dance be guided by the rhythm of your heart and the melody of the music. 💞🎶

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