Ballroom Dance Etiquette

Ballroom Dance Etiquette

Good etiquette and common courtesy ensures that everyone has an enjoyable dance experience. Here are important tips for ballroom dancers.

Tip #1 – Be Clean

Since you’ll be in close proximity while dancing, good hygiene and proper grooming is a must.  Before the event – shower, brush your teeth, put on clean clothes, and use deodorant.

Avoid eating strong smelling foods such as garlic, and use mints and/or mouthwash to freshen your breath throughout the party.

Don’t wear perfume or cologne as people may be sensitive to strong fragrances.

Tip #2 – Be Kind

Introduce yourself to each person before dancing.  Thank your partner after the dance.

Don’t correct, criticize, attempt to “help”, teach, or give unsolicited feedback to your dance partner. This is one of the biggest complaints we hear from dancers is when other students presume to correct their dancing. Don’t be that person!

The best way to help someone is to allow them to learn and progress at their own pace.

Tip #3 – Be Social

Ask a variety of partners to dance, and graciously accept invitations to dance when asked.

If you choose to decline, do so politely, then be sure to sit out that particular song. So once you decline a dance, you may not dance with someone else until the next song.

Welcome new dancers and visitors to the studio by asking them to dance, introducing them to others, and helping make them feel at home in our happy dance community.

More dance etiquette tips:

No Teaching on the Social Dance Floor

Dance parties are not the time or place to teach or learn new moves. The music is loud, the floor is crowded and it’s not practical to conduct a mini private lesson during the dance party.

So don’t ask your teacher or other dancers to help you remember moves or show you new steps. Save questions for your private lesson or group class.

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