Enhance Your Romance With Dance

Enhance Your Romance With Dance 🔥

Heading into February, we’re shifting focus to all things L-O-V-E so it’s a great time to share some unique benefits dance offers for couples. 💖

Ignite Your Passion
Learning new things together sparks excitement in your relationship and brings back that “new love” feeling.

Spend More Time Together
Coming to dance class is a fabulous date night! It ensures you make time together each week to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Boost Your Connection
Dancing together strengthens your emotional bond, fosters feelings of trust and security, reduces your stress, and releases feel-good hormones. So no matter how hectic your day was, you’ll leave dance feeling closer, more relaxed, connected and uplifted.

Practice Unconditional Love
Learning to dance together helps you practice radical acceptance of your partner. By accepting your partner as they are – you allow them to learn and grow at their own pace. This results in longer, happier marriages (and less arguments on the dance floor 😉)

Improve your Communication
Partner dancing requires tuning into the non-verbal cues of lead and follow. To be successful as a team you’ll need to focus on your partner, and you’ll both develop an enhanced ability to sense and interpret your partner’s thoughts and feelings – all without saying a word.

See Your Partner in A Whole New Light
Dance allows you to express new sides of yourself – playful, sexy, graceful, flirty, strong, passionate. Think you know which dance will suit your partner best? You might just be surprised…

Ready to enhance your romance? Here are four ways to feel the LOVE this February 💞
  1. Learn to dance together with our Get Started new student special ($147/couple)
  2. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Valentine Date Night – Dance Night ($75/couple)
  3. Enjoy six digital date nights and learn to dance together at home with our on-demand Intro To Social Dance video course ($397/couple)
  4. Share the love at our Valentine Dance Party ($20/person)

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