Do I need a partner?

Not at all, in fact you will advance more quickly if you dance with a variety of partners. Dancing with different partners develops your skills as a leader/follower because you learn to adapt to every person. That’s why our group classes are designed to rotate partners. Changing partners helps everyone learn faster (studies show you learn 33% faster), and it’s a great way to meet new people. During private lessons, your teacher will be your partner. Having individual instruction is an excellent way to refine your technique and learn at your own pace.  Of course you may bring a partner to your private lesson if you wish, and there is never an extra charge.
You may be tempted to put off learning to dance because you don’t have a partner to take classes, practice, and/or go out dancing.  But actually learning to dance now, and becoming a desirable dance partner, is the best way to find someone with whom to share your love of dance.  Think of it this way, if you wanted to become a rock star, would you wait until you found the right band and had a record deal BEFORE you learned to sing?! Of course not, you would take the voice lessons, become the best singer you could so that you could find the perfect band and get that great record deal.  It’s the same with dance.  Learn to dance now; become a great dancer, and the partners will flock to you.
Also, think about this…where do you think the best place would be to meet people who enjoy dancing and are also looking for a partner?  Mmm, I bet they might in fact congregate at dance studios and are likely to be enrolled in group classes, take private lessons, and attend studio dance parties.  The same place you would be if you decide to learn to dance today!  Want to meet people who love to dance?  Go where the dancers are.
We have many students who don’t have partners.  These are men and woman of all ages, who love to dance.  They take private lessons, group classes, and attend our dance parties.  They invest a great deal of time and effort into becoming the best dancers they can be, and they would love to have a dedicated dance partner.  But here’s the thing, having invested all that energy into become good dancers themselves, naturally they would prefer someone who is also a good dancer, not a beginner who has never even bothered to take a lesson.  Having a love of dance is a great start, but you need to take the next step and enroll if you’re serious about finding someone that you can enjoy dancing with.

Do your future self a favor – learn to dance today!

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