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COVID-19 Studio Update

COVID-19 Studio Update Update as October 22, 2021 We’re open! Revolution Ballroom committed to making learning to dance as safe as possible: Masks are optional due to the low case…
Revolution Ballroom

Dancing Stars Of Coastal Georgia

Revolution Ballroom Professional Dancer Marcia Mitchell & Star Dancer Todd Taylor competed at the Dancing Stars of Coastal Georgia gala to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. This fun, annual event pairs…
Revolution Ballroom

Guide To Buying Dance Shoes

Do I Need Dance Shoes? In a word – yes. Although beginners can get by for their first few classes wearing leather-soled shoes, dance shoes are essential to dance smoothly,…
Revolution Ballroom

Health Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing

July 16, 2014 Health Benefits Of Ballroom Dancing At Carolina Sportscare Ali Schoener, Intern (and soon-to-be licensed Physical Therapist) at Carolina Sportscare presented her research into the health benefits of ballroom dancing.…
Revolution Ballroom

Marcia Is In The 99th Percentile

“Marcia is in the 99th percentile.  She is a naturally graceful and beautiful dancer, who also has the discipline and commitment to excellence.  She is an honor to our profession,…

Music For Ballroom Dancing

Great music makes all the difference whether you’re practicing at home or dancing the night away.  These are our go-to tunes for the most popular dances.  We’ve listed classics of…