We had such a fun Valentine Party on Saturday! Thank you to our dance community for turning out in your finest red & pink attire with a spirit of joy and love. We were so happy to celebrate with you
Special thanks to our Belly Dance instructor Kay Owen and also to Casey Frymire and studio owner Marcia Mitchell for performing a beautiful fan dance. Everyone was absolutely mesmerized by the show. Casey, we appreciate you teaching our group this lovely choreography.
Much thanks also to Richard D Cody for performing an Argentine Tango and a Milonga. It’s always a joy to dance with you; thank you for coming and supporting this event.

Congratulations to our Serenade Battle Winners; we were thoroughly entertained by all the teams. Thanks to all for stepping up to this challenge. You added much amusement to our evening.
1st Place –  Courtney Barron-Mead & Anca Dumitriu
2nd Place – Charles Lucas & Donna Jones
3rd Place – Earl White & Hannah Seigworth
We were also delighted to honor those who wowed us with their festive themed attire. And thank you to everyone who made a special effort to dress for Valentines Day. I loved dancing in a sea of reds and pink.
Best dressed honors went to:
1st Place – Katy Jones
2nd Place – Corinne Reed Clancy
3rd Place – Carolyn Schade Jirousek
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!

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