Solve The Puzzle And Learn To Dance At Revolution Ballroom!

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IMG_7771 Solve the puzzle and learn to dance at Revolution Ballroom!

Did you know you can get started for just $35?!

〰️ Benefits Of Dance 〰️

✔️ Get out of the house, out of the heat, and explore something new and exciting!
✔️ Have fun learning about different music & cultures
✔️ Connect with our happy dance community
✔️ Enjoy heart-healthy exercise and boost your brain by learning new skills
✔️ Spark new passion in your relationship and enjoy an exciting date night out
✔️ Gain confidence and feel more comfortable in social situations
✔️ Improve your grace, posture, and coordination
✔️ Reduce your stress and add ✨JOY✨ to your life!
✔️ Gain a new hobby you can use all over the world and enjoy for a lifetime

We’re committed to helping you dance safely during these challenging times:

✅ Masks required for all students, staff, and teachers
✅ No crowded spaces – just you, your partner, and your teacher in the ballroom
✅ Studio is thoroughly cleaned & sanitized
✅ Enhanced hand-washing & santizing

Have you ever been at a social event and wish you had the courage to get out on the dance floor?

Are you ready to add the ✨JOY✨ and excitement of dance to your life? 

We’re patient, we’re fun, and we’ll guide you step-by-step and give you the tools you need to succeed on the dance floor. In fact, our students find that learning to dance is easier and way more fun than they thought possible. Take the first step, by signing up today and we’ll take it from there.

Enjoy A New Student Orientation Lesson For Just $35 – It’s Our Gift To You!

Sign Me Up – New Student Orientation Lesson

Your New Student Orientation Lesson is a $90 value and includes:

  • A beginner private dance lesson (for you, or you and a partner)
  • The building blocks of learning to dance with a partner
  • An overview of dance styles we offer
  • New student orientation
  • Class schedules
  • Price options
  • And next steps

Sign Me Up – New Student Orientation Lesson


  • Do I need a partner?
  • Not at all, your teacher will be your partner during your lesson.
  • I’d like to bring a partner – do I need to buy two lessons?
  • Nope, one couple can share a private lesson. When signing up, it asks if you want to “Add a dependant”, click yes, and then add your partner. If you have any issues signing up – just call or text our studio at 843-338-2870 with your partner’s name and email address.
  • I have two left feet / no rhythm / lack of coordination. Can I really learn to dance?
  • Yes you can! Our systematic, stair-step approach can transform even the most awkward beginners to accomplished dancers. We truly believe everyone can learn and enjoy dancing.

Sign Me Up – New Student Orientation Lesson

We would love for you to join our happy dance community!

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