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img_8387The training I received from Marcia Mitchell, while enrolled in the Revolution Ballroom Teacher Training Program, greatly exceeded my expectations.  It not only prepared me for a successful teaching career but also significantly improved my personal dancing skills.  I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in either becoming a dance instructor or taking their dancing to a more professional level.

For many years I was interested in becoming a dance instructor but my fear of not knowing the proper technique and different styles held me back from pursuing this goal.  I was not aware such detailed teacher training programs existed until I began taking lessons at Revolution Ballroom.  After hearing of the professional level program offered, I knew this would give me the skill set to finally make my goal of becoming a dance instructor possible.

The Revolution Ballroom teacher training program covered all the aspects of ballroom dancing including the history, the proper techniques, teaching methods, and all the information I would need to help students become the best dancers they can be.  The training I received at Revolution Ballroom enabled me to pass all of the national certification exams in both American Smooth and Rhythm with high honors.  Now as an instructor, I can confidently face the challenges a ballroom instructor encounters. It was well worth the investment of time and energy to bring my goal to fruition and make the transition from student to teacher an effortless one.

Jesse Woods
Beaufort, South Carolina


– The Revolution Ballroom Teacher Training Program Greatly Exceeded My Expectations

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