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IMG_2345A waltz. We danced a waltz (up until I couldn’t stop laughing). In a mere 4 weeks Marcia and the rest of the Revolution Ballroom team enabled Colleen and I to dance a waltz. In a bit over 18 weeks she taught us much more. We can Foxtrot. We can tango. We can do a few others as well. More importantly we have more confidence in who we are.

I know it sounds silly to say “Marcia changed us for the better” but she did. Her bubbly personality rubbed off. We laughed at our mistakes instead of crying over them. She encouraged us to accept the challenges and persevere until we found the elegance hidden in the discomfort of hard work. She fosters an atmosphere of friendship among total strangers.

We will miss out Tuesday night friends made at Revolution Ballroom. We will miss Marcia’s laughter. We will not be strangers though. We will see her and the all our Ballroom dancing friends again very soon.

Jaysen & Colleen O’Dell
Charleston, South Carolina

– Marcia Changed Us For The Better

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