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“We Sure Laughed A Lot With Our Group”

IMG_2339We were delighted to host a private dance class and party for a group of friends from Brays Island.  David and Marjorie had taken and enjoyed group classes with us and wanted to share the fun with friends.  Together we decided to theme the event around Foxtrot, the jazz-age dance that oozes with smooth sophistication.  The couple provided champagne for their guest to enjoy and we showed them how to glide across the floor like Fred and Ginger.  Super fun event!

Here’s what David & Marjorie shared:
“David and I were not experienced in ballroom dancing and found it to be fun:  challenging and uplifting.  We sure laughed a lot with our group… Ballroom dancing is cheerful and a fun time.  Low energy, sadness and lack of spirit have no place on the dance floor.  While we needed to concentrate, instruction is in a fun, lively atmosphere; you will be happy, smiling with awesome music.”

David & Marjorie Yeager
Brays Island, South Carolina

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