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NEW CLASS: Move Like A Champion

IMG_0144Move Like A Champion is an all levels technique and style class designed to help you take your dancing to the next level. Classes meet Thursdays 7-8 PM. This class is Drop-in only, so you don’t need a partner, and preregistration is not required.

Great dancers have an inner sense as to how to stand tall, maintain their frames, stay in balance, swing, sway, and express themselves–making it seem like magic. But each movement we are asked to do in ballroom dancing requires a specific, anatomical action to produce beautiful dancing. Move Like a Champion™ provides a method of learning these essentials. This program uses 64 exercises to teach you how your skeleton works so that you can take charge of your body and dance with grace and efficiency in all of your Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances. Created by Top Teacher Diane Jarmolow and Latin Champion Kasia Kozak, the Move Like a Champion system will improve your posture and balance and help you resolve a range of issues, from weak frame to sloppy feet, and small strides to awkward arm styling.

In each class you’ll learn:

  • A specific Move Like A Champion exercise to take your dancing to the next level
  • Then we’ll apply this technique to our own dancing, using familiar patterns.
  • Finally we’ll graduate to drills using music to lock in this new information

What to expect:

  • Many exercises and practice will be done solo to develop your body awareness and personal technique. Certain exercises will require that we work in pairs, and this will often be random pairs rather than traditional leader/follow partners. This is because both sides benefit from developing the body awareness required of each role.
  • Many exercises will be practiced slowly and deliberately, so we recommend wearing a practice shoe (or low heel) if possible.
  • Your mind will understand this material more quickly than your body can properly execute it. Even if you feel you “know” the information, focus on each exercise and drill with the intention to continue to grow and improve your dancing. Champions are always working to improve their basics!
  • Developing proper technique requires much repetition and practice, so you will want to attend class as much as possible, even after you have completed all 64 exercises. You will gain new insights and understanding each time you review the material, and your ability to perform the exercise will improve with repetition.

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