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Dance Classes For Kids

18942AE1-1BD9-4E2E-93B3-57E15ACD2FB5Dance like a star! Build your child’s coordination, confidence, and social skills through dance! Your child will learn exciting dance styles including: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, and Salsa. Your child will enjoy healthy exercise while building important values such as tolerance, patience, persistence, respect, and kindness.

Group Classes For Kids

Ballroom Twinkle Stars (ages 6-9)

  • Open to boys and girls ages 6-9
  • Classes are Wednesday 4:00 – 4:45 PM
  • Enrollment is for 3 months
  • Advance registration required
  • Tuition:
    • $75 per month (autopay) or
    • $195 for 3 months, paid in full (you save $30!)

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Ballroom Shooting Stars (ages 10-12)

  • Open to boys and girls ages 10-12
  • Classes are Wednesday 5:00 – 6:00 PM
  • Enrollment is for 3 months
  • Advance registration required
  • Tuition:
    • $75 per month (autopay) or
    • $195 for 3 months, paid in full (you save $30!)

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Advance registration is required. Simply enroll online and 59874E4B-1D95-429A-9BAD-30D8A1744C54then contact us to set a time to visit our studio and complete registration. Please bring your child for registration so we may introduce them to the studio and take their initial photo. You may also walk-in during our office hours: Monday through Thursday 4:00 – 8:00 PM (contact us for holiday hours).

Enrollment is first come, first served, so please sign up early to claim your spot in class! We look forward to having your child join our fantastic, fun, and educational dance program!

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Sign up here – Ballroom Shooting Stars

45C99659-6D4A-48ED-8824-EDC61DD5A252Recommended Attire:

Ballroom group classes and private lessons: casual

Ballroom Dance Shoes:

Ballroom dance shoes are recommended, but not required, for the first session of Ballroom Twinkle Stars. If your child doesn’t have dance shoes, we recommend comfortable shoes with a leather sole. To ensure shoes stay in place while dancing, we recommend shoes that lace-up or have an ankle strap. Flip flops and sneakers with rubber treads are not recommended. Once your child completes their initial 3-month of session, we ask that you purchase ballroom dance shoes; they really do make a difference, even for beginning dancers. Ballroom dance shoes have flexible suede soles that make it easier to dance properly and they protect their partner while dancing.

9C005945-A919-4AD4-8B78-ED03FB59B9CDDance shoes come in all styles. Please see our Guide To Buying Dance Shoes for helpful tips. You may also order dance shoes through our studio. If you’d like help selecting the right shoe for you, please contact us at 843.338.2870 to schedule your dance shoe consultation. Our vendor is Showtime Dance Shoes

Pick-up/Drop Off Policy

Please drop your child off at least 5 minutes before class begins so they may change shoes and we can begin class on time. Do not drop your child off more than 15 minutes early as we do not have extra staff to monitor the waiting area. Please pick up your child promptly after class. Please notify us if you expect to be late. We asses a $15 late fee for any child that is picked up more than 15 minutes after class.

Parent Observation Policy

We do not allow parents to stay at the studio and observe class as we find it can be distracting for students. We do offer parent viewing days at the end of each session where you can come and enjoy watching your child perform!


Proud Moms and Dads watching their kids dance on parent watch day 🙂

Pictures, Videos, & Social Media Policy

We regularly take photos and videos of all classes to use in our promotional programs including but not limited to: website, printed materials, & social media. By enrolling your child in this course you agree that we may use any pictures and videos of your child for any marketing or studio purpose.

We respect your right to privacy and want to honor your wishes for your child. If you prefer not to have pictures and videos taken of your child we ask that you not enroll them in this class. Private lessons are also available and would be a great alternative for parents wishing greater privacy for their child. Thank you for understanding.

E1FD19A6-B031-41BB-B181-CB31AB2D947EPrivate Lessons For Kids

Private lessons are a great way for your child to learn and develop as a dancer!  They’ll learn at their own pace and will have personalized lesson program focusing on the dances they enjoy most.   You may schedule privates lessons at a time that works best for you and they’ll have a dedicated instructor to guide them every step of the way.  In addition, we offer ballroom competition training which can focus your child’s efforts and give them a chance to shine on the competition floor!  We offer discounted private lessons for our junior dancers, so simply contact us at 843.338.2870 to enroll.

Kids Private Lesson Prices

Private Lessons for Kids (ages 5 to 18) – $75 per 50-minute lesson.  We recommend that students take private lessons at least once per week.

CDC63D46-E181-41BB-8C1A-951CE6E31463Dance Competitions For Kids

Dancesport is an exciting way for your child to focus their dance training and enjoy a healthy level of competition.  When your child competes they learn to set long-term goals, to work steadily toward their goal, to win graciously, and handle setbacks with maturity.  Kids 16F3D210-4CD2-41BF-A865-93E157A4FEF5and teens may compete in a wide variety of dance genres and can compete regionally or nationally.  Students wishing to compete must be enrolled in a private lesson program and may wish to enroll in our Ballroom Twinkle Stars (ages 6-12). Contact us at 843.338.2870 to enroll your child in our fun & exciting competition program!

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