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Studio Policies

Parent Policies

Parents may not bring children with them to lessons, classes, parties, or any studio event unless that child is enrolled and receiving instruction at the time of the event.  This enables parents, teachers, and other students to remain focused and enjoy the studio atmosphere.  We love working with children; if you wish to introduce your child to the fun world of dance we invite you to explore our classes for kids & teens.

Partners For Group Classes

Partners are not required for any group classes; couples and singles are always welcome.  Studies have shown that you learn to dance faster when you dance with different partners.  For this reason we rotate partners during our group classes, and we encourage all dancers to participate.

Dance Party Policies

All students are required to pay admission to attend our dance parties.  This is true whether you intend to dance or not, and regardless of the time you arrive.  Our dance parities are open to those 18 years and older and all currently enrolled students.

Private Lesson Policies

Our private lessons are 50 minutes long.  We promise to give you the full 50 minutes as long as we start on time or no later than 10 minutes past the hour.  Please do your best to be on time.  We will too.

We require 24-hour notice if you must cancel a lesson or you will be charged for the lesson.  Please notify us as soon as possible if you must cancel.  This courtesy gives us the time to reschedule with another student.

We require lesson payment in advance.  We keep record of all your lessons so that we can easily see how many lessons you have remaining.  Simply log onto your FrontDesk account to view your status.

If you have purchased a “Shall We Dance” Introductory Special, you have 60 days from the date of purchase to enjoy your lessons.

If you have purchased a standard private lesson package, you have one full year from the date of purchase to enjoy your lessons.

Proper Behavior

Our studio is a safe and supportive environment for our students to learn and grow as dancers.  We encourage all students to be tolerant, kind, courteous, and respectful in their interactions with studio staff and one another.  Any member of our staff may refuse service to any person, at any time, for any reason.

Student – Teacher Relationships

Our teachers are dance professionals and treat all students with courtesy and respect.  Romantic relationships between students and teachers are not permitted.  Teachers are not available to attend outside events with students; we do offer studio dance parties and special events where students may enjoy dancing with their teacher.

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