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Marcia Mitchell

Studio Owner & Director
Master Teacher
Certified Professional Dance Instructor

  • Hometown – Vermilion, Ohio
  • Education – Bachelor of Science in Physics from The Ohio State University and Associate of Dance Degree in American Smooth and Rhythm, Master of Dance Degree in American Smooth from Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA)
  • How I got started dancing – I took a social dance class in college and got hooked!
  • Why I love teaching dance – I believe that dance has the power to transform our lives and help connect us to other people in a positive and uplifting way. I love helping people achieve their dreams, and it brings me joy to see them having fun as they grow and develop as dancers.
  • What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom – I’m so very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to build Revolution Ballroom. After many years in the ballroom industry I was delighted to create my vision of the perfect dance studio: immaculate, spacious rooms, the finest dance floor, fun music, and instructors who are knowledgeable, professional, caring, and excited to share their love of dance with their students. It is you, our students, who make it all possible, and so we thank you for your support, dedication, and the joy you bring to our studio!
  • What’s great about the dance style I teach (Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, Bachata, & Argentine Tango) – I really enjoy partner dancing as an artform. Because you’re dancing with a partner you get to work as a team to create a beautiful and unique expression to the music. You get the chance to develop your connection and communication with others. And I love the variety that ballroom dancing offers. I enjoy dancing all night to a variety of music and dance styles, everything from an elegant, graceful Waltz,  a fun and bouncy Swing, an intimate Argentine Tango, a fast and flirty Cha-Cha. There are seemingly endless styles of partner dancing, and I enjoy exploring them all!
  • Other interests, hobbies, & passions –  Reading, running, and yoga
  • Most people are surprised to find out that…I was a helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps.
  • Favorite treat – Ice cream!

Nicole Medeiros

Certified Ballroom Dance Instructor

  • Hometown – Miami, FL
  • Education – Bachelor of General Studies; Special Education/Science teaching certifications; Currently working on MS in Education. Junior Associate of Dance Degree in American Style Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, & East Coast Swing from Dance Vision International Dance Association (DVIDA).
  • How I got started dancing – I had a few months off after an overseas deployment, and there was no better time to try something I’d always wanted to do.
  • Why I love teaching dance – I think one of the greatest services people can give each other is to teach. We have a lot to learn from others. I love to help people overcome challenges and realize goals they have set for themselves.
  • What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom – Marcia!  She is one of my favorite people and a great teacher. Not to mention, “Ms. Marcia” is my 3-year old daughter’s idol.
  • Other interests, hobbies, & passions –  My family (Corbin-husband, Everett and Giselle) are my biggest passion. I love everything Disney (even before I had kids), Volkswagen Beetles, and running (when I have time).
  • Most people are surprised to find out that…I was an MI Warrant in the Army, I speak French and Haitian Creole, I own a 1972 VW Beetle, and I teach in a virtual public school (middle school)
  • Favorite treat – Dave and Buster’s Banana Foster’s pie

Casey FrymireIMG_6951

Belly Dance Instructor

  • Hometown – Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Education – Bachelors in History from High Point University, Applied Science in Zoo and Aquarium Science Technologies from Davidson County Community College
  • How I got started dancing – I saw a belly dance for fitness video tape in a magazine and played that video for a year until I saw a belly dance troupe at a fall festival and joined that class which turns out was only 25 minutes from my house.
  • Why I love teaching dance – Belly dance gave me so much confidence and it forms a tight relationship with women I would not otherwise hang out with. That inward self assurance and friendship is something I want to make available to other girls and women.
  • What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom – It’s organized and professional. There is stellar communication within and without, opportunities and professionalism that I have not found or seen anywhere else in Beaufort.
  • What’s great about the dance style I teach (Belly Dance) – Belly dance is designed for a woman’s body and is good for the body. It works for all sizes, ages and shapes. It is gentle yet tones and strengthens. It can be started at any stage in life. It provides a positive glimpse into another culture. It can be performed alone, as a duet or in a group. The costuming is fabulous. Belly dance makes you feel beautiful. After only a few weeks the frustration of not knowing what to do or how to do the moves goes away and each challenging movement is met with excitement now that your mind says “I will be able to do that” instead of “I will never be able to do that”, as the mind tends to think in the very beginning. The music range is wide and tempos are varied. There are fun props to add to the dance. You can wear glitter as an adult and it is acceptable.
  • Other interests, hobbies, & passions – I love to read many different things and watch history documentaries. I’m working on my family chart that my grandmother started that goes back to the 1700’s. I love traveling and doing nothing with my husband, Allen and dog, Pecan Pie. I also enjoy animal training.
  • Most people are surprised to find out that…I am an ambivert
  • Favorite treat – brownies and York peppermint paddies.

Kay Owen

Belly Dance Instructorimage

  • Hometown – My father was in the Air Force when I was a child so I moved quite a bit. I settled in Memphis, Tennessee as an adult and lived there until moving to Beaufort in 2004.
  • Education – My undergraduate degree was in Political Science. I graduated from Law School in 1975. I also studied foreign languages at the University of Memphis (Spanish, French & Russian).
  • How I got started dancing – A belly dancer from Chicago moved to Memphis in 1972 and tried to make a living as a teacher. I took lessons from her for several months, but she soon ended up moving back to Chicago. I knew belly dance would appeal to me, and it really did.
  • Why I love teaching dance – I love the camaraderie with my students. I have met so many nice women through my classes who I would never have known otherwise.
  • What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom – It is by far the best place I have ever taught because of the support of the owner and the facility itself. It is a welcoming oasis with tasteful decor and great mirrors, floors and sound system.
  • What’s great about the dance style I teach (Belly Dance) – Belly Dancing is ancient yet modern. It is based upon standard moves from the Middle East, but each dancer can add her own personality to the dance. I think it is the most feminine of dances and appeals to one’s sense of the exotic. Costumes and props (such as veils, swords, zills or canes) are fun to wear and add variety to the dance. And, of course, I love the music.
  • Other interests, hobbies, & passions – I enjoy cooking, painting, acting, animals & nature, languages, science, and travel. I am a Master Naturalist and a member of the Beaufort French Club.
  • Most people are surprised to find out that…actually, a couple of things. If the person is not aware that I was a lawyer, they are surprised to find out the belly dance teacher was once a prosecutor. I also spent 15 years as a docent at the Memphis Zoo and people can be surprised when I start lecturing about wild animals.
  • Favorite treat – I could eat Mexican corn chips and cheese dip every day.

Learn more about Kay at:

Lynn Bryant

Line Dance Instructor, Certified Soul Line Dance Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

  • Hometown – Born in Petoskey, Michigan and grew up on St. Helena Island
  • Education – Bachelors & Masters in Elementary Education & Reading Instruction/Supervision from Clemson. Masters in Educational Administration from University of South Carolina
  • How I got started dancing – As a majorette in the St. Helena High School Band
  • Why I love teaching dance – I love teaching,  I love dancing so when I retired from Beaufort County Schools, I put my two greatest passions together.
  • What’s great about teaching at Revolution Ballroom – The facility and staff are equally warm & inviting.  When a dance studio has ample room, lighting, and mirrors; it makes the instructor’s job so simple.
  • What’s great about the dance style I teach (Line Dance) –  Line Dance brings a diverse group of people together to learn and share dances. You don’t need a partner and will meet new friends while constantly building community. An added benefit is the fun-filled exercise for the body and mind. And most importantly, anyone can learn Line Dancing!
  • Other interests, hobbies, & passions – Though dance is my greatest obsession, I love history and culture and am an avid art collector.
  • Most people are surprised to find out that…I’ve written an autobiography titled “I’m Black And I’m Proud, Wished The White Girl.”
  • Favorite treat – Old-school Mary Jane candy

Learn more about Lynn at:

Brandy Brewton-Yates

Office Manager

  • Hometown:  Beaufort, SC
  • Education:  1993 graduate of Beaufort High (GO EAGLES!!), 1992 graduate of the Beaufort Jasper Career Education Center with a vocational degree in Television Production, and attended USC-Beaufort.
  • What’s great about working at Revolution Ballroom:  I am SO EXCITED AND THRILLED to be a part of the Revolution family!!
  • Other interest, hobbies, & passions:  Spending time with my family, traveling, hanging out by the pool, and shopping.
  • Most people are surprised to find out that:  I am on the radio.
  • Favorite Treat:  A piece of cheese cake with a strawberry or chocolate topping.

Bench Tacsanan

Office Assistant13321867_587387938091426_6867086293088203297_n

  • Hometown: Davao City, Philippines
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
    Bachelor of Liberal Laws
  • Why I love my job as Office Assistant: I’ve been working virtually as Admin Assistant for 6 years already and it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life so far, careerwise. Working remotely at comfort of my home or co-working space fits my personality. I like knowing new things everyday especially stuff that make our lives easier and I want to share it with studio owners helping them grow their business.
  • What’s great about working at Revolution Ballroom: I like Marcia and Cara. They’re very positive and encouraging. Looking forward to meet everyone, virtually 🙂
  • Other interests, hobbies, passions: Mountaineering, gardening, and scale modeling.
  • Most people are surprised to find out that: I am good with crosstitch and I play DOTA.
  • Favorite treat: Sashimi

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