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NEW CLASS: Intro To Salsa & Bachata

salsa-lets-danceIntro To Salsa & Bachata is a 4-week beginner group class that teaches you the basics of these fun and popular Latin dances. Salsa is a fast and spicy club dance that features exciting spins and turns. Bachata is slow and sensual, and is also very popular in the club scene. Knowing the basics of these latin dances will enable you to go out and enjoy dancing at any nightclub!

This course meets Fridays 7:30 – 9:00 PM, and you may join at the start of any month. Practice and repetition is key when learning to dance, much like learning any sport or musical instrument. For this reason many students will benefit from repeating Intro To Salsa & Bachata 2-3 times to fully grasp the material. Even more advanced students gain many benefits from refining and practicing their basics. This series is discounted for students who wish to enroll in the series again. Practice and repetition will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed on the social dance floor. We recommend most students complete the Intro twice before advancing.

This course starts from step one and guides you through the essential elements and combinations of these dances. By the end of the course you’ll be able to dance with a partner to an entire song using combinations of fun and simple patterns. You don’t need a partner or any prior experience to join this course. So sign up today and dance the night away!

img_1326***** We balance our classes by leader/follower so that you have ample opportunities to practice and dance whether you sign up by yourself or with a partner. For this reason, pre-registration is required for Intro To Salsa & Bachata. Registration ends 2 days before the class start date. Please sign up early to claim your spot in class! ******

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