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About the Studio

Our Mission

Our studio is a beautiful, warm, and inviting space where dancers of
all ages and abilities are inspired, encouraged, and empowered
to achieve their goals and to express their full potential as dancers. 

We instruct to the highest standards of excellence and are committed to continual growth and lifelong learning.

We make learning to dance fun and accessible to everyone. 

We build and promote the local and regional social dance community.

We offer DanceSport competitions as a way for our students to grow,
perfecting their technique, artistry, and performance.

We promote grace and kindness – on the floor and in life.

Our studio is a happy place to teach and learn, and we celebrate the
joy in movement that connects us all!

We provide our staff with a rewarding career – personally, professional, and financially, and we offer on-going professional development along with opportunities for advancement.

IMG_7232 At Revolution Ballroom we:

◽️Inspire, encourage, & empower people to achieve their goals and to reach their full potential through dance

◽️Bring light, love, and laughter into everything we do

◽️Treat everyone with kindness & compassion

◽️Always do the right thing

◽️Nurture the growth and development of our students, our staff, and ourselves

◽️Honor our common connection by celebrating the unique light within each of us

◽️Create a brighter future with our bold revolutionary spirit and ceaseless devotion to make ourselves and everything we do better each day

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  • Our ballroom teachers are DVIDA certified so that you receive instruction from true professionals who are not only are great dancers, but who are trained to make your learning as easy, safe, and effective as possible.  Certified instructors have clarity on how best to guide you in your dance journey, and so instead of feeling confused, you’ll actually enjoy the learning process!
  • We teach via the DVIDA syllabus so that you know you’re learning from a proven system designed to help you progress from absolute beginner to the most advanced levels, with an accessible and effective stair step approach.  You’ll get thorough, complete training at every level and feel confident and well-prepared for new material as you advance.
  • Our ballroom features a floating, DanceFlex hardwood floor so that you can dance safely, and for long periods, without fatigue.  DanceFlex floors are the ideal dance surface – not too slippery, but still allows you to turn easily. In fact, this floor has been used on every season of the hit TV show, Dancing With The Stars.  Since DanceFlex floors have built-in shock absorption, this floor is gentle on your joints and is a delight to dance on!

Our Journeyimage

It was my first ballroom class, and I was hooked.  Since I needed a few credits of college gym class I enrolled in “Social Dance”.  I remember taking a few different classes just for fun: yoga, judo, and ballroom.  The ballroom (and yoga) stayed with me; Judo I left behind.  After graduation I continued my ballroom training, taking private lessons and attending dance parties. Soon I decided that I wanted to dance and teach professionally.

When I got married and moved to Beaufort in 2008 I couldn’t find any ballroom studios nearby, so I taught in Savannah for a few years.  Although I loved teaching there, I wanted to be able to share ballroom with my community and so I opened Revolution Ballroom in 2013.  Today we offer expert instruction in a wide variety of partner dances including Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa, and Argentine Tango. We also offer solo dances including:  Line dance, Belly Dance, & Hula. Our services include: private lessons, group lessons, dance parties, DanceSport competitions, wedding preparation, and even a teacher training program.

I encourage you to try dance today.  Dancing is a fun hobby. It’s great exercise, a wonderful way to meet new friends, and also to spend quality time with your special someone.  You’ll learn and grow and challenge yourself – all while having the time of your life.  It’s easy to get started; you can join us here.  We look forward to dancing with you!

Best wishes,
Marcia Mitchell
Studio Owner & Director, Revolution Ballroom

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