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A Studio Love Story With A Happy Ending

IMG_6735 2Long, sappy, & happy post alert 🚨

Such a joy to have a lesson with Larry and Melissa to prepare for their wedding! A dream come true for me to see them so happy and in love 💖
Larry is the student I’ve taught the longest, and he is a special and dear friend. I meet him in 2009 at a USA Dance in Savannah where I was teaching at the time. Larry was “dragged” there by some friends, who were hoping he might enjoy an evening out since he was grieving the recent loss of his beloved wife, Patricia. I asked Larry to dance, and he was not too eager, but we did in fact dance ☺️
Larry told me that he had actually never danced with anyone else besides his wife, and he wasn’t super comfortable doing so now. Larry ended up taking dance lessons, and he found it to be a safe way to learn to hold another woman in his arms and to move through his grief in a positive way ✨IMG_4771_2
IMG_9077Larry ended up becoming a “dance addict” and filled his social calendar with multiple private lessons, group classes, and dance parties every night of the week. Larry and I competed pro-am in Smooth & Rhythm, performed a showcase, and even Waltzed as extras in a TV show! 🌟
He was busy in his practice as a plastic surgeon, and his social calendar was full of dances, but eventually he started to yearn to find a special companion to enjoy his life with. He started dating, but never found “the one”.
Then, tragedy struck 💥 Larry was stricken with severe health issues, and was bedridden – unable to work, dance, or even drive. He moved in with family who cared for him, and entered a dark period…I called to check in, and he would always tell me how much he longed for romance, and he never gave up hope that he could find it 🙏🏻
IMG_8510 Slowly, he started to recover and gain strength. He moved back into his house and started working. He “limped” back into the studio using a cane. He had to fight to regain his hospital privileges, and he showed the hospital board a video of us dancing Silver Waltz as evidence of his strength and ability to handle the rigors of surgery 🕺🏻👨🏻‍⚕️
Early this year, Larry told me that he found someone special. Recently he told me they were engaged, and yesterday, I met this earth Angel. She’s everything I could hope for such a wonderful man. Melissa is beautiful inside and out, sweet, sassy, kind, and fun 😄 And she also lost a dear husband, and is amazed to find another true love in this world.
It warmed my heart to see them so giddy and in love 💓 I’m so happy you both found a new soulmate to enjoy “Life – Part Two” with 😄 And it is a special honor to teach Larry and Melissa a beautiful dance for their wedding 💒
Thank you for letting me be part of your celebration. I know you’ll both be so happy together 💝
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